Sexy Latina Gets Spanked, Flogged & Shaven Bald Hot Video


This sexy Latina was sitting in a hotel bar after a long trade show when I spotted her. She was tossing some drinks back with her friends, gossiping, acting bitchy. I had to have her as my own.
With her long hair and her long legs I knew she could be seduced with the promise of becoming a top model. It’s fun to tell beautiful girls I am a talent scout or a famous modeling agent. They all want to be stars.

Brandy’s real talent shines when I get her back to my room for a private audition. Not only do I train her as my own sexy slave, but I set her free with my big makeover surprise. Watch Brandy get spanked and flogged into submission as I dominate her. Her pretty bald head will make your head spin…Only at!

Video Runtime: 1 Hr 8Min

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Hot Shave Fetish 3-Some JUST RELEASED!

Hot Shave Fetish 3-Some JUST RELEASED!

Vivian Head Shave

We said Daphne came back with friends. What was going to be a girl on girl head shave turned into a sexy fetish headshave threesome. So much hair was cut off it was everywhere. 3 hot women and a pack of razor blades getting down will turn you on for sure. Only at!

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Daphne Cuts & Shaves Her Friends Hair Off in Hot Hair Fetish Video

Daphne had such fun shaving her head, she returned… This time with friends. Watch as hair gets cut off and falls to the floor. The clippers come out and heads are shaved bald. Another HOT Hair Fetish Shave Video. Only at!

Video Runtime: 30 Min

Daphne & Diana


Two Sexy Women Shave Each Others Head Bald – Daphne & Fernanda – Just Released!

Daphne and Fernanda met each other at the pool and got along very well. Soon things started to heat up and they thought it would be a good idea for some privacy in their room. Little did they know that Shavepage would be there to capture all the hair shaving action. Watch as both sexy women take turns snip for snip as hair falls on the floor. The girls get really turned on kissing and touching, then the shaver comes out, but a buzz cut just wasn’t enough and the women could only be satisfied when they both were completely bald. Twice as hot and double the fun…Only at!

Video Runtime: 1 Hr 5Min

Daphne and Fernanda


Slutty Lucy Gets Dirty – Spanked and Shaven – JUST RELEASED!


Lucy - Shavepage

I was hanging out at my favorite biker bar, up in the mountains. Drinking around all that masculine energy got me hankering for a hitchhiker. Wouldn’t it be fun to lure in a lonely girl? A girl I could play with and arouse?
I waited until I saw the perfect little mess, standing under a tree wearing almost nothing. Who goes out hitchhiking on a Monday? A girl up to no good, that’s who.

Lucy was open to almost anything, she was tired and hot. I offered to take her home to have a fun slumber party, a place she could cool down. So I made sure I cooled her down to her scalp with my electric razor. Roped her wrists tight so she had to sip water slowly. She looked unsure as I spanked her sexy ass, leaving hot red marks on her cheeks.

Watch Lucy’s surprise makeover as I released her dirty, slutty ways. In the end she was wet and thankful, begging me to make her my personal bald love slave.

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Mia’s Oiled Body Gets Flogged and Shaved – JUST RELEASED!


Down by the pier there was an electronic music festival which is full of silly girls. Your Mistress settled down for hours with binoculars visually stalking the perfect pet. I spotted Mia at the music festival, dancing sexy around five horny guys and saying sexual things in German. Her blonde and pink hair stuck to her face with heated sweat. A gauzy hippie dress lifting and showing tiny lace panties. I nearly burnt my tits off watching this little minx grind in the sun. Mia was acting like a slutty attention seeking tart. She clearly needed MY attention. She was making your Mistress think of ways she needed to be properly trained. Like holding her hair real tight in my hand while my other hand grazed her pierced nipple. Flogging her oiled body while she pants lustily in her native tongue. And most of all, I wanted that sweaty slut hair to be removed and clean. I just had to shave her, to release her of attention seeking ways.

Watch as I give Mia discipline lessons and a new makeover. Only on!

Hair Fetish Audio Stories by Mistress Lola – NEW!

Now you can listen to Hot & Sexy Hair Fetish Audio Stories from your Mistress. Tune in and hear all the steamy details like you are in the room with Lola and her Hair Slave. MP3 Audio Stories now on Go there now!

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Mona’s Fetish Head Shave – Just Released!


Mona -

Your Mistress was lounging by the pool, when this curly haired vixen named Mona, tried to sneak into the hotel.  I watched as her filthy bare feet walked past me with her wild mane bouncing.  Her hair was as wild as her gumption to try and sneak onto hotel property. Who did she think she was trying to pretend to be a hotel guest?  Mona definitely needed some training…all the way down to her scalp. I needed to teach her that if you break a rule, you Must be punished.


Watch as I give Mona discipline lessons and a new makeover. Only on!

Heather Now Showing


Watch Heather Get Shaved

Spring break brings out all the silly girls! Sitting by the pool, Heather was easy to spot among the five horny guys. I watched her as she did too many shots of cheap tequila, her face ruddy with alcohol. Her long blond hair, sticking to her sweaty face, piqued my interest. I overheard her telling a groping frat boy that she had just dropped out of school.

Poor Heather needed saving. It’s fun to take a tipsy girl away from five horny guys. “Come over to my room” I said, pulling back her knotted summer hair. “We will have so much fun!” Heather practically jumped into my lap. Watch as I train Heather into submission and make her into my own little bald love slave. Watch her laugh and cry with ecstasy when I get my hands on her. Who needs college when Mistress Lola can educate you?

Watch as I give Heather discipline lessons and a new makeover! See heather get her dirty hair shaved off like a real star. Only on!