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Mona’s Fetish Head Shave – Just Released!


Mona -

Your Mistress was lounging by the pool, when this curly haired vixen named Mona, tried to sneak into the hotel.  I watched as her filthy bare feet walked past me with her wild mane bouncing.  Her hair was as wild as her gumption to try and sneak onto hotel property. Who did she think she was trying to pretend to be a hotel guest?  Mona definitely needed some training…all the way down to her scalp. I needed to teach her that if you break a rule, you Must be punished.


Watch as I give Mona discipline lessons and a new makeover. Only on!

Heather Now Showing


Watch Heather Get Shaved

Spring break brings out all the silly girls! Sitting by the pool, Heather was easy to spot among the five horny guys. I watched her as she did too many shots of cheap tequila, her face ruddy with alcohol. Her long blond hair, sticking to her sweaty face, piqued my interest. I overheard her telling a groping frat boy that she had just dropped out of school.

Poor Heather needed saving. It’s fun to take a tipsy girl away from five horny guys. “Come over to my room” I said, pulling back her knotted summer hair. “We will have so much fun!” Heather practically jumped into my lap. Watch as I train Heather into submission and make her into my own little bald love slave. Watch her laugh and cry with ecstasy when I get my hands on her. Who needs college when Mistress Lola can educate you?

Watch as I give Heather discipline lessons and a new makeover! See heather get her dirty hair shaved off like a real star. Only on!