Mia’s Oiled Body Gets Flogged and Shaved – JUST RELEASED!


Down by the pier there was an electronic music festival which is full of silly girls. Your Mistress settled down for hours with binoculars visually stalking the perfect pet. I spotted Mia at the music festival, dancing sexy around five horny guys and saying sexual things in German. Her blonde and pink hair stuck to her face with heated sweat. A gauzy hippie dress lifting and showing tiny lace panties. I nearly burnt my tits off watching this little minx grind in the sun. Mia was acting like a slutty attention seeking tart. She clearly needed MY attention. She was making your Mistress think of ways she needed to be properly trained. Like holding her hair real tight in my hand while my other hand grazed her pierced nipple. Flogging her oiled body while she pants lustily in her native tongue. And most of all, I wanted that sweaty slut hair to be removed and clean. I just had to shave her, to release her of attention seeking ways.

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