Cindy Just Released!

Cindy was sitting alone at the mall food court, eating a big corndog. What kind of girl does that? A girl who needs discipline, I thought. I told her that I was a very famous Modeling agent and that she won a day of Modeling school with Head Mistress Lola. Tricking silly girls is so much fun.

Watch as I give Cindy lessons on discipline, poise and a complete new makeover! Watch as Cindy struggles and whimpers while I shave off her dirty hair down to her vulnerable scalp. I made Cindy into a real star.


Cindy Promo


Rachael – Released – Now Showing

I found Rachel at a truck stop looking lost and forlorn. It turns out she recently ran out of money and needed some Mistress life coaching.
With her filthy feet and musky armpits, I took a liking to her instantly. Without question, she let me take control of her. Her hair was stinky and coarse and it needed to be removed down to the scalp. I also gave her tiny ass a much needed spank or two before shaving off her oily black armpit hair. It looks like I have another slave to call my own.

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Rachael Promo


Victoria Oct. 14th

I found 19 year old Victoria hanging around a bus stop, lacking real direction. With those long brown legs and big doe eyes, I just had to have her. It was real fun to trick her into a casting call that turned into her becoming my little slave for the day.

Her thick brown hair was coarse and wavy. As I ran my fingers through it, I wondered what her exposed scalp was going to look like after I took a hot razor to her head.

We had lots of delicious fun. Watch as I break her down and make her become my little bald headed pet.


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Maria – September 1st

Maria, Maria, Maria,
So nice we had to say it thrice. This school teacher has a really wild side and she came to us to unleash it! We drove all the way across the country to Chicago to bring you this one! The windy city did not disappoint. We have had an overwhelming request for a dark kidnap fantasy. We like creating for our family members what others will not or simply can’t, BUT when we asked Maria if she had any fantasies, this was hers! What someone had requested! NO KIDDING!
So if you want to see the most out there hair adventure short film, this is it.
(Disclaimer no buff babes were hurt in the making of this film, only one pair of clippers died we mourn its loss.)
She loved the after look, so will you!

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Jillian – August 12th

Jillian is our newest feature! She is a gorgeous 29 year old who is the ultimate girl next door. No tattoos, perfect smile and super long virgin hair. Today she is going shorter than her hair has ever been by far! She is shaving it. She also went all natural. Definitely the best one of all time. (Was a little bit of extra you will not want to miss!)

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Kelsey – July 26

When it is your birthday what do you want to do? Well Kelsey’s answer is a haircut. So for her 18th birthday she comes to our studio and goes for the full Monty head shave. Head brows and wearing less then she was allowed to yesterday.

“You have a tattoo? You have to be 18 to get a tattoo?”

“This wasn’t my first stop”

All I can say is I hope she doesn’t spent all her fee on ink. 🙂
This one of our favorites for several reasons. Hope you enjoy! Now showing at Shaveland. Join today!!!

BB – July 5th

B.B. is a hot 22 year old who has had her hair long and medium length but never short, “The shorter I cut it the poofier my curly hair gets!”

Well B.B. bad news babe, we are shaving it today, so it will be as short as it will go. She really had fun, and loved our guest stylist Heather!

Hair isn’t all B.B. is willing to take off, be still our heart! Her hair was softer then a poodle and thicker then a wall. Heather and some powerful wahl clippers versus B.B.’s hair, who will win?

Find out here at only.


Watch as all her beautiful Raven black hair is cut and buzzed to the faintest of black stubble and then shave razor smooth. Right here in our studio!

Also we released Carli last weekend. All the hair that’s coming off only at Shaveland!
Two great videos in less then a week! We are on a role!


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Carli – JUNE 11th By 3:00 CST!!!

We drove all the way to Chicago for this shoot! It was an interesting road trip, more information on that to come.

But lets get to why you are really here. We met this Russian descendant who is a freshman in college and wanting a new look. So we said why not shave your head, with a little convincing and a lot of discussion she said, “I will go for it! I hope my mom doesn’t kill me!”

We hope she doesn’t too! Because this shoot is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Her hair was probably one of the thickest we have ever seen, super long, and super healthy.

Also this was done in a actual salon after hours, so it has a really cool atmosphere with all the quality only we can produce. We hope you enjoy this as much as she did!!