There is a blonde woman next door who is my new neighbor. She moved in about six months ago. I noticed her right away. She has long blonde hair that hits her waist. It is dyed a whorish blonde and my my favorite part is that it’s really damaged from her trying to straighten that curl out. She is not beautiful, but she is fuckable. I’d give her a strong 7 for her hair and her big fat ass.

I did some basic stalking on her and I noticed her license plates are from Quebec and when she yells at her bratty kids in the pool, she yells in French. She is a bit of a bully and when she gets mad, her long blonde hair sticks to the sweat on her face.

The blonde woman is a single mother and from what I gather, is very promiscuous. She enjoys both men and women. I see her lovers coming and going. I hear them fucking and yelling when she gets drunk. On paper, you would think we would be fast friends. But she is rude and breaks many rules. And as you know, when you break the rules, you must be punished.

The blonde woman has big parties on the week days until five am. She doesn’t care if people have to work the next day and no one has the balls to stop her. I hear the other neighbors talking about her, whispering, but they are all too afraid to approach her.

But I’m not not afraid of her. I’m going to teach her a lesson.
She often slams the door loudly to come and go with her children. It makes the building shake. She leaves bags of rotting trash on our landing. And you know, I’m not going to pick up that bitches trash.

I need to train this bitch.

I like to secretly watch her with my binoculars. I like to watch her walk to her car in tight dresses. Her long blonde hair sometimes tied up tight in a stupid bun. But the tight scalp gives me an idea. What would she look like with a bald head? A shaved head?